What Is Haybol?

We are a real estate search site that helps you find homes for sale or for rent, and provides real estate information at the local level to help you make better decisions in the process.

We aim to be a delightfully smart partner when you are looking to buy a home. The smart part should help you find your dream home (or at least the dream home within your budget) and arm you with data and information about local real estate (without too much work). The delightful part should make you smile and keep you coming back.

Whether you are moving down the street, or to another city, to be near work or school, we're here to help you understand real estate trends at the local level. When you are about to make the biggest financial decision of your life, we help you understand how your future home stacks up compared to similar homes on the market (especially to similar homes in and around the same area or location). We show you how sales prices have been trending where it matters — in your city and nearby areas.

We're data hounds, but we don't expect you to be. Our crack team of engineers and analysts are focused on building tools — like our integration with Google Maps and real estate guides — to help you understand and interpret the real estate information. Real estate search just got much smarter.

Haybol is also a tool for real estate professionals to market their listings, view real estate data and promote their services. If you are a broker or agent, we've got a Real Estate Professionals section just for you.

What We Aren't

We ARE NOT brokers or agents. We are not looking to make a commission on your real estate transaction. We will not sell your personal information. We will not force you to become a lead.

How We Make Money

We make money through advertising, not lead generation. Here's the story: real estate professionals and organizations currently spend around millions every year on their marketing. Our business model is pretty simple — we create the best real estate search experience on the Web; you, your family and friends use us; real estate professionals and service providers advertise on our site; we continue to innovate to create an even better real estate search experience. Make sense?

What We Believe

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